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3 common problems in the design of cleaning machine

2015/3/20      view:
3 common problems in the design of cleaning machine is composed of the network Xiaobian for you collected, want to help you, the following is the main body of the article
The problems of bending and deformation of 1, harrow.
Specific performance and analysis of flood period dirt: too much, too concentrated, resulting in single tooth harrow overload, harrow tube deformation caused by fault. Harrow tube is an important moving parts of rotary cleaning machine, it also plays a supporting role to prevent double chain chain derailment and salvage the dirt, the middle part is the weakest link of the whole body, many related problems, such as twisted off the chain chain plate, problem is caused due to the deformation of tooth harrow tube the intensity, rigidity, so it should be enough to ensure.
Design notes: harrow tube material should have sufficient diameter and wall thickness, cleaning machine width is generally below 6 meters span, harrow tube by 10000N.m concentrated load calculation, the deflection is less than 1/250, the steel tube wall thickness not less than 6mm. For the larger size of the rotary cleaning machine, can consider to use multi-channel traction chain to improve the tooth harrow force, or by the central local reinforcement to become variable cross-section stress components on the tooth harrow tube.
2, the chain is disconnected derailment problem. Specific performance and analysis: mainly three forms, one is the chain after long time operation, part of the chain plate riveting riveting opened, the outer chain plate and the chain disconnecting prolapse. The two is the chain in the circular arc transition section to the back gate body, in case of load under a large, the larger pressure forming track back of the bottom, so that back track is medial tilt caused derailment. Three is due to deformation or tooth harrow tooth harrow by greater tension uneven distribution of drag chain caused derailment.
Design notes: long pitch roller chain plate is cleaning machine (rotary mechanical grid) moving parts mainly, for a chain arc transition, design should as far as possible to increase the diameter, in order to ensure the smooth the transition, reduce the arc track surface pressure, commonly used for the pitch roller chain for type 125, the transition radius should not be less than 350mm.
3, the sliding bearing wear problems.
The source of the problem: most of the pumping station
Specific performance and analysis: bearing temperature rise is fast, serious wear and tear. Bearing and bearing seat slide relatively, cause rapid wear bushing. Bearing inner wall of the oil tank design unreasonable, cause the grease can not fully distributed to the contact surface formation pressure of oil film. Note grease is not caused by lack of oil in a timely manner.
Design notes:: between the bearing and bearing seat use positioning to prevent the relative sliding. Replace self lubricating bearing in order to improve the lubricating effect. The bearing lubrication using forced automatic oiling system.